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B    I    O     G    R     A     P    H    Y

I was born in Frankfurt, Germany and have lived primarily in Frankfurt, San Francisco and Sacramento, California, where I currently reside.

My initial gravitation to the arts began with ceramics and sculpture. I then added illustration and calligraphy to my interests, which developed into a business of design and hand-lettering brochures, invitations, diplomas and menus for various companies. With a perpetual desire to widen my scope in the fine art field, I began working with graphite, colored pencil, pastels and my greatest passion; oil on canvas.

Virtually all I have learned in the arts and design has been self-taught. I am drawn to self-discovery, thrive on the "ahh haa" moments and delight in gratification when my craft has developed without the aid of influence. I love viewing works of the masters and contemporary artists as well, but go out of my way not to be influenced. I believe artistic expression should be a road traveled solo.....and truly from the heart.

Monica Blake

Please visit my gallery featuring oil on canvas paintings for sale as well as sold pieces. If anything strikes you, please contact me to arrange a purchase. All pieces are one-of-a-kind and I am always adding new works. Currently, I am creating a series of stylized dance paintings which will soon be available for purchase.


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